Limit Stud
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System Requirements: Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Server, .Net Framework 4.5.2 or higher and Poker Mavens 6+

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7 Card Stud - Version 2

You've done all the work to get your site working and online for what?

It can be frustrating sometimes when a new operator is trying to build a site or community but doesn't have the critical mass of players necessary to have games going all the time. Until now, there was only one solution for automated play and it cost more than Poker Mavens itself, so that why we developed the MavenBot series. An affordable bot solution for the Poker Mavens platform.

Features & Bot UI

MavenBot has a great lineup of features right out of the box. It's easy to launch and easily configurable for different play styles.

  • Bot can play any Limit 7 Card Stud game on your site.
  • Bot can login using sessionKey
  • Bot can login to a site that has a site password
  • Bot can login to password protected tables.
  • Bot can login using SSL
  • Add as many bots to your site as you want. You are not limited.
  • Comes with 4 default play styles.
  • Includes custom profile builder to easily build a profile.
  • Bot will randomly delay actions to simulate decision making.
  • Option to enable bot chat after showdown hands.
  • Ability to customize showdown chat.
  • Built-in AutoLauncher to create, manage and launch your bots.
  • Bot can buy-in for minimum or maximum amounts allowed as well as auto-rebuy
  • Bot can play indefinitely or play a limited amount of time that you select.
  • When play time is limited:
    • Bot will leave table when specified play time limit has been reached.
    • Bot will "take a break" and remain in lobby for specified time.
    • Bot will re-join table after break time has elapsed.
  • You can see what the bot sees:
    • View the bot's hole cards
    • View the board
    • View the win percentage, hand strength, position & action
    • View the bot's play statistics for the session


More Features...

Let's take a look at a some more of the features of our MavenBot - 7 Card Stud bot

Feature MavenBot
Number of bots that can be launched Unlimited
Login with session keys Included
Login using SSL Included 
Login to a site using a site password  Yes 
Use custom API path  Yes 
Play on paswword protected tables  Yes 
Configure custom play profiles Yes
Built-In profile editor Yes 
Limit play time Yes
Configure buy-in amount & rebuys  Yes 
View bot hole cards & board  Yes 
View bot hand strength  Yes 
View bot win percentage  Yes 
View bot table position  Yes 
View number of active opponents  Yes 
View action & current hand  Yes 
View bot play statistics  Yes 
Option to use any IP address & port  Yes 
 Fully functional trial available Yes
 Bot chat ability on showdown Yes
 Built-in AutoLauncher & management tools  Yes
 Online Documentation Yes 
Price Tag   $149

Purchase & Licensing

This is how we license our software for use on your computer or server.

When you purchase a copy of MavenBot, it is licensed for one machine. When activating the software, you will need to generate a machine ID and email that ID to us so that we can generate a serial key for you. This ID is specific to the machine that you installed the software on and will not work on a different machine. If you need to move the software to a new machine, you have the option of paying a $100 re-license fee (per product) that can be used once or just buying a new copy of the software.

Please consider what machine you will be running the software from as it will only be licensed for one machine ID.